Xtinguish the Past, Ignite the Future

Xtinguish Celebration is an immersion into the culture of the Cuyahoga River Watershed. We are working with over 300 organizations, municipalities, agencies, and corporate partners to highlight the unique nature of Northeast Ohio.

Being the regional commemoration of the 50th year of revitalization of our Cuyahoga River, bringing the entire watershed in solidarity around our shared waterway, this partnership has a unique opportunity to give voice to some that historically would not have been given that chance otherwise.

This is OUR conversation, YOUR chance to have your voice heard. Will you join us in celebrating our unique region? Our home? Our Cuyahoga River?

Torch Fest

June 19th through June 22nd

Celebrating along the Cuyahoga River Water Trail! Join the regional commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the famed 1969 Cuyahoga River Fire as our waterway comes together in solidarity around our shared waterway!

Crooked River Conversations

A Year-Long Series

These are 18 unique conversations through pieces of culture. They consist of “Crooked Segments” and range from Culinary, to fine arts, to recreation, and science. Join the conversation, express your voice!

Upcoming Events

Crooked River Contrast Exhibits

April – December

The Cuyahoga River watershed’s premier travelling photography and interactive media exhibit. With 12 locations throughout northeast Ohio. All exhibits are free and open to the public. Click here to view the schedule.

Click here to view details about the exhibit at Summit Artspace, which runs through May 18th.

Crooked River Chronicles (Dialogue Series)

Inspiration from the Cuyahoga

Scholars throughout northeast Ohio’s history have found inspiration from the story of the Cuyahoga River including journalists, award-winning authors, lyricists, and academia. West Creek Conservancy has curated a speaker’s bureau who will be featured throughout the year at multiple locales. Come listen, talk, and converse with our scholars.

Click here to view the schedule. 

Crooked Cocktail Competition

Create a Cocktail Inspired by the Cuyahoga!

Create “The Crooked Cocktail” during our semi-finals. The cocktail will be featured at Torchfest events throughout 2019. Submissions are due by May 21st and the competition will be held on May 28th. Prizes are available and the top three finishers move on to the finals!

The final competition requires participants to create “The Xtinguish Cocktail” and it must contain an element of fire. The final competition will take place on June 22nd aboard the Putzfrau at the finale of the Xtinguish Festival at Rivergate Park. First, second and third place prizes are available.

Click here to learn more.

Click here to register

Presented by West Creek Conservancy and Cantera Negra

Help Restore The Putzfrau!

Help us bring back the Putzfrau, the cleaning lady of the Cuyahoga!

In the 1970’s Frank Samsel outfitted the 56-foot fish tug with a vacuum, a crane and a winch. He was hired by companies along the river to pick-up debris and oil.

Two two decades after the boat was drydocked, we are raising $50,000 to restore the Putzfrau.

Our goal is to restore the boat it to its full capacity, allowing it to function as a floating museum. It’s an amazing way to tell the history of the Cuyahoga and educate students about the river and its environmental comeback.

Read more Cleveland.com or click here to support the Putzfrau.